Hatter releases anger on Penguin from telling Gordon that Jervis Tetch is the Mad Hatter. After Hatter tries to run away but did not run away for long. The Carpantar told Jim Gordon the whole story and put her in Arkham Asylum.

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This episode does not improve in professionalism from the last, however it certainly improves in story. It now seems more alive, and non-robotic to me. A plot twist, and the fact that you never know who is good, and who can turn bad is what makes the story enjoyable. It kept me watching it. However, the story does not end in a comprehensible way. How exactly does meeting a carpenter, who says she works for Jervis, make Jervis a criminal? Jim uses that "evidence" to fire him, and have a search for him. Simply because of a carpenter? This is what completely bombs this episode from being smooth. Two, who were friends at first, now enemies because of.... a carpenter?

The same non-professionalism and poor recording applies here as in the last episodes, although the rock concert scene was an improvement. The wording slightly improved, however, the decency of the wording is saved by the suspense in this episode. Again, the lack of professionalism kills the realism, which is a huge part, but in other areas, there is improvement.

Again, again, the positives of the well-built filming area apply here too and so do the well-designed character models and characters.

I'm settling for a final rating of 6/10

Arkham is not really my cup of tea, the show's recorded entirely in game and i'd suggest trying to use studio with stopmotion or whatever, or try cropping it to hide the HUD, but i'm agreeing with aak on this one, it's not that much of a show i'd reccomend to a friend like I would with Frost or other Robloxiwood movies. i'd go with aak's vote 6.1/10 Plainoldbread
Arkham Season 1 Episode 11- Justice for All05:26

Arkham Season 1 Episode 11- Justice for All

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