This episode is the current Fall Finale of the season run of RTVS's "Arkham".

The show sets off from the last scene from episode 9, then Mad Hatter tries to kill Jim without him knowing but fails to think that he knows something already. Jim finds out who did the massacure of the GCPD, But does not know who it is. Harvey finds out aswell but did not appear on the episode. Lastly Hatter plans to kill him and goes to Oswald Cobblepot a.k.a The Penguin to ask to work for him and denies the offer of a lifetime crime.

Reviews Edit

Review Reviewer
This episode is rather bland, shot with minimum effort at professionalism and uses boring words and scenes which are meant for the comprehension of an early-elementary student, while being an adult series. It is rather bland, with little action except for bland dialogue between two sides. The captions used for the dialogue also makes you want to simply quit reading it. The episode also is filmed along with the ROBLOX GUI, which makes it unrealistic and gives away the roles. There are MANY typos throughout the episode which are very obvious. All these factors kill the episode's realism.

Positives are not absent, however. The music and sound effects are fitting to the theme, and are nice to listen to. The music could be used more often due to this being a captioned show. Gotham City/Arkham, the actual cities on ROBLOX, are big and well-done for a movie set. Characters' looks and design fit their supposed personality.

Hopefully, further episodes expand on these factors and reduce what hurts the show.

Final rating is a 5/10.

Arkham Season 1 Episode 10- From Finish to Last07:20

Arkham Season 1 Episode 10- From Finish to Last

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