AidFishTV is a ROBLOX based television group owned and operated by superbgoose but operates in the ROBLOX  TV Studios™.


The current logo was created by MichaelIsGr8 as a  joke for superbgoose but is has later become a full time logo.

Aidfish TV

Current and Joke Logo

Filming and StudiosEdit

AidFishTV does have it's own television studios however most broadcasting is filmed in the ROBLOX  TV Studios™. A largely publicised event by AidFishTV was a music festival which took place in their studios during the summer. The reason for the main use in the ROBLOX TV Studios is because it contains a tailored studio that is dedicated to AidFishTV, within this studio is a working plane and a large interior of a plane.

Audio used for filming05:01

Audio used for filming

Audio built into the game as a script.

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