A Second Chance is the sequel to The 3 Stars, continuing the story of Zach Queens and his important life decisions. The story is to lead to another sequel, which will bring Drex112's stories into to one finale movie.


After discovering the glowing key, Zach is bullied at school more than he was before, which leads to his suicide. Zach ascends into Heaven and meets Jesus. Jesus tells Zach that when you are alive, people hate you, but when you are dead, they feel guilty and begin to care. Zach is given a second chance at life but the key still controls his future. What is the key and what is its power?


The sequel to A Second Chance is titled Falling Skies. The final film in the series, it is set in 2028, eight years after A Second Chance. Drex112 has decided that some of his films may be postponed until fall 2014 in order for him to work on things such as this film's predecessor The Three Stars.


The film's script is set to be written starting in early March 2014.