AGavent is a ROBLOXian that joined December 6, 2010. He is known for being a long-lasting ROBLOX TV veteran (being the fourth major ROBLOX TV member to join, after BenzBot, SuperLemonade and Tamated), as well as being a major advocate for uniting members of ROBLOXiwood with the ROBLOX TV industry.


Like BenzBot, AGavent played Wizard101 and other online MMOs. He quickly got over both, and found out about ROBLOX due to multiple Google ads. He clicked it one time, and made an account as AwesomeGavent. At first it was just for fun, but he turned out to really like it. Once channels like ABC and G4 inspired him to make a TV channel, AwesomeGavent created a channel named Walt Bloxxy TV, based off the world-famous company Walt Disney Co. The company lasted a short time, due to inactivity. He would eventually create a new account named AwesomeGavent, which he created on April 9, 2011 and is now the account he has used since. Later, he created a new TV channel, AGTv (now Gavent Network), that he rapidly grew. On July 31, 2013, he invented AGTV Networks (now Gavent Television Group) to combine all networks and companies from AGTV into one company. On January 27, 2014, he changed his name to AGavent. GTG became a major ROBLOX channel, and a primary in the RTNG, sometime in March 2014. Later on in 2015, GTG merged with RTV Networks and created the autonomous division RTV Networks Gavent. However, only a few months later, GTG was reformed and later renamed Gavent Networks. On April 1, 2017, Gavent Networks was closed down and split between other corporations, most notably RTVN, which prompted them to bring back RTV Networks Gavent. However, less than two weeks later, he returned to the industry, and created the independent production company Overtime Studios, which became the first primary member of the RTNG that didn't own any networks. This would later change however, with the founding of Realtalk, RTV3 Retro and Nations Television (2 out of three being joint-ventures with Overtime).