@TheIronCafe (pronounced as the phrase "at The Iron Cafe") is a Robloxian reality/unscripted television series which airs on rTV. The program follows BenzBot as he hangs out with random players at one of Robloxia's most famous games, IronInforcer's The Iron Cafe. One episode had been produced on July 28, 2011, with further episodes produced beginning in January 2014. rTV Networks owner BenzBot says that the format of @TheIronCafe can easily be transferred to other places, such as the Robloxian Pool, should the Iron Cafe close or lose popularity with players.


ATIC 2011

Original logo of @TheIronCafe, from 2011.

@TheIronCafe is one of two rTV Networks shows that has existed since the start of the Networks, the other being Placejumping. The show has only had one episode produced, which was completed on July 28, 2011. Starting with the new episodes produced in January 2014, all episodes of @TheIronCafe will feature RTRS ratings and studio credits for easy program transferrence between channels (ex. rTV and MixTV) and to be able to add marginalized network credits on rTV airings for the first time without them appearing out-of-date in later broadcasts or being included in on-demand episodes.


Host BenzBot visits a server of The Iron Cafe to have fun with random Robloxians who have been selected purely by luck to participate in the show. BenzBot also talks personally about the place and with Robloxians individually in some episodes.

A frequent feature of the program is the Chat Cam, a close-up view of the chat feed of the game to follow conversations that are unseen or that cannot be followed on camera. The camera has changed between its use in the pilot and in later episodes: the lower-right-corner view of the rest of the screen has been removed, and the words "Chat Cam" have been reduced in size. The chat size has increased and the Roblox recorder Stop button has been removed as well. The Chat Cam is shown several times an episode.

A running theme in each episode is where BenzBot tells the players that they are being filmed for the show, which occurs at some point in each episode. As of the second episode, music has been played throughout the episode and not just at the beginning (in the opening 3-4 minutes). The use of cropping and speed effects has also increased as of the second episode.

Production of @TheIronCafe currently alternates with production for Placejumping, the only other surviving show from the start of the rTV Networks. Generally, episodes of @TheIronCafe are produced by BenzBot simply going into the place for a few hours, recording any interesting events or conversation, and editing the pieces into an episode. Filming usually occurs in one two to three hour period; editing is longer, but similarly fast.


Season, Episode No. in series Production completion date Airdate
S1E1 1 July 28, 2011 August 8, 2011 (original)

TBA 2016 (relaunch)

S1E2 2 January 12, 2014 TBA 2016
S1E3 3 January 31 - February 1, 2014 TBA 2016
S1E4 4 February 24, 2014 TBA 2016
S1E5 5 September 26, 2014 TBA 2016